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Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Life, Outdoors |

Lighting Up Your Life: Lighting Options for the Home

Lighting Up Your Life: Lighting Options for the Home

Keeping your home bright should always be a priority. Bringing light into your living quarters makes everything feel, and look, better – and brighter. There’s so many options for this. Take a look below at our top options for brightening up your life – literally.



Lanterns are becoming increasingly popular for loads of occasions – regularly being used at weddings, parties and more, but they can be used to light up your home. Or even your garden, to be specific. Pop them in the four corners of your backyard and watch them light up the whole space beautifully.

Speckled Lights

Speckled lights, like the ones used on Christmas trees and decorations, are becoming forever more popular. Spread around the home they can look dream-like, adding some awesome character to each room, while also providing an excellent level of mood-lighting for a great, cheap price. The reasons they’re becoming more popular is because of their effect. They’re usually used in bedrooms and always look wonderful.

LED Light Bars

Led Lights On Furniture

Another great alternative, not dissimilar to the speckled light option, and equally as effective, too. With these light bars from, you can brighten up any space whether indoors or out. They’re versatile, available in many sizes and again – cheap. They can be placed above doors, in the corner of rooms or they can act as a backlight for a mirror or piece of furniture. They’re massively adaptable and super easy to put up.

Tea Tree Lights

Tea Tree Light

Tea tree lights are like the mini-illumination that everyone is using. They can be used as mood lighting, to add scent to your room or even for something as simple as a relaxing addition to a bath. Small candles offer a smaller, shorter burst of light than the standard candle and are much cheaper, available for as little as a dollar.



It’s an old classic, but there’s no way we could miss this off our list. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so many different cost brackets and are so commonly available, I would be surprised (and then some!) if you didn’t already have one. But they’re so good for when the night draws in and the larger light in the ceiling just doesn’t cut the mustard. Take to your local supermarket home store for great deals on some stylish lampshades.

Outdoor Candles

Another outdoor option, but outdoor candles are becoming such a great alternative to a fire outdoors that stores will currently be stocking up for summer. They’re not just great for surviving in the great outdoors. Placed into your garden grass or soil, these are essentially candles on a stick, that offer minimal light but look beautiful dotted around your garden. A great option if you’re looking for style and ambiance instead of actual light.

Each of these options is great for summer or winter. When nights start to get colder and darker, you want to have some good mood light options to make your home look loving and warm. Each option is readily available, so why not start planning today!