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Posted by on Feb 7, 2017 in Life |

Keeping Your Marriage Exciting Through the Years

Keeping Your Marriage Exciting Through the Years

Your spouse is someone with whom you have a deep connection, and it’s such a strong one that you have promised to spend the rest of your life by their side. While you do care deeply about your partner in life, the fact remains that the honeymoon phase does subside. Over time, you and your spouse may find yourselves stuck in a monotonous routine that can lead to boredom and eventually problems. There are a few signs that you may have reached this point in your relationship including:

  • Instances of PDA have significantly decreased or ceased altogether
  • Decrease in the expression of sentimental feelings
  • Less time spent trying to impress partner

If you feel like your marriage is lacking the luster it once had, the good news is that there is hope. There are three ways you can keep your marriage exciting and alive no matter how long you’ve been together.

1. Change Up the Bedroom Environment


A bedroom that used to feature your passionate expressions of love may very well have been seeing less action than it used to. It’s even estimated that 40 percent of married couples don’t even sleep in the same room, and this can significantly impact your feelings for your partner.

In order to mix things up, consider embarking on a journey of redecorating or even renovating your bedroom, depending on your budget. Just a few things you can consider doing to make the room more exciting include:

  • Paint using colors known to incite feeling of romance such as dark reds or pinks.
  • Buy a mattress topper that improves your mattress at a fraction of the costs of a new one.
  • If you’re on a limited budget, simply rearranging the furniture can add a feeling of newness.

2. Take Time for Self Improvement


One of the most common pitfalls that occur during marriage starts out seeming sweet. Once a couple get comfortable with one another, they can slack off to a certain extent. For example, over time, the wife may start to use less makeup or concern herself less with getting her hair done. Men may be less prone to worry about shaving and grooming.

While you don’t have to obsess over your looks, make sure you do still take time to focus on your appearance. After all, the way you looked when you first met is the original version of you they were initially attracted to. Allow that person to come out on occasion both to attract your partner and boost your own confidence.

3. Disconnect From the World

Couple Walking

A modern marriage problem that’s becoming more and more prevalent is the lack of communication and time spent together due to distractions. We are surrounded by cell phones, i-pads, laptops, and other devices that offer us endless material to keep us entertained. However, what you may not realize is that your partner may be feeling neglected whether or not either of you realize it.

A great way to ensure this isn’t the case in your marriage is to consider designating one day per week or even just an evening where all electronics are put away and the two of you do something meaningful with one another. Whether that be looking through an old photo album, having a barbecue with other friends and loved ones, or just taking a walk, this provides the opportunity to enjoy each other’s undivided attention on a regular basis.

A Marriage That Lasts

You vowed to stick with your partner until death. In order to ensure you are able to follow through with that promise, it’s important that neither of you grow bored with the marriage. It’s estimated that approximately half of marriages end in divorce. To best ensure yours doesn’t become another statistic, it’s important to actively seek out ways to keep things exciting, and these three tips are a great place to get started.