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Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Life |

How Good Sleep Can Promote Adventure in your Marriage

How Good Sleep Can Promote Adventure in your Marriage

When a couple first gets married, they are full of hopes and dreams for their future together. They will plan to go on exciting adventures with their partner every other week, and will spend all their time together. As the years pass by, the love for each other may stay the same, but the sense of adventure will usually start to fade. People will get caught up in the mundane everyday tasks that they are accustomed to, and will forget that life can be more exciting than that! Read on to find out how they can be reminded.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

When couples have trouble sleeping at night, they will become groggy and grumpier during the day. It is easier to get stressed, and they are more likely to find fault with things. They are also more likely to take out their frustration on each other. This is not good, because it will increase the strain in their marriage. It is important for couples to figure out why they are not sleeping well at night, so that they can attempt to resolve the problem.

Reasons for Poor Sleep

Two common reasons for people to suffer from a lack of sleep are because of allergens and discomfort. Pet dander and dust mites are allergens that can usually be found within people’s mattresses. They will rise up and irritate the user when they are trying to sleep at night. As well, people with joint or back pain usually require more padding in their mattress in order to stay asleep. Otherwise, they will be woken every time they turn over and feel a sharp jab of pain.

The Solution?

AllerEase Protectors

Mattress protectors are a simple and cost-effective solution of getting a good night’s sleep. Specifically, AllerEase Protectors are a good example of a solution to resolve poor sleep. They can be placed over the mattress so that the annoying allergens cannot get through the material and irritate the user. As well, you can purchase protectors that have extra comfort fills inside them. This will give them an extra layer of protection and softness. This might be all that it takes for the user to have more comfort and be able to sleep better at night. Overall, getting better sleep may be the solution for adding a bit more adventure and excitement back into your marriage.


The thrills of youth can slowly become lost under the layer of adult responsibilities. Couples may lose sight of the adventures that they had planned with each other. By increasing the quality of sleep that they get, the amount of squabbles could be significantly reduced. Instead of arguing during the day, they can go back to what they want to do and what they originally planned to do. Mattress protectors are a simple solution to this important problem. Try it out with your partner! Just add a mattress protector to your bed and see the difference that it makes!